Domestic Violence

12 Forms of Abuse

Did you know there are 12 Forms of Abuse? They are…

1) Economic Abuse
a) Preventing you from having/keeping a job
b) Taking your money

2) Sexual Abuse
a) Forcing you to have sex with others, besides your partner
b) Demanding sex

3) Physical Abuse
a) Pushing
b) Biting/pinching/choking

4) Verbal Abuse
a) Name Calling
b) Yelling

5) Emotional Abuse
a) Intimidation
b) Always your fault

6) Academic Abuse
a) Blaming you for poor grades
b) Making fun of you for studying too much

7) Psychological Abuse
a) Isolating you from family
b) Playing mind games (undercutting your sense of reality)

8) Use of Technology
a) Monitoring your emails
b) Sending you repeated text messages (especially if you don’t answer right away)

9) Dynamics for Immigrant Women
a) Calling her racist names
b) Stating she has abandoned her culture by becoming “white”

10) Same-Sex Relationship Abuse
a) Demeaning
b) Threatening

11) Dynamics for Women with Disabilities
a) Hurting (or threatening to hurt) their service animal
b) Inappropriate handling when they need personal/medical care

12) Power and Control Wheel
a) Using children (either to say bad things to her or threaten to take them away)
b) Intimidation (hurting pets, destroying property)

I used a couple of explanations on each of the 12 forms of abuse. Look them up, they are SO much longer than what I gave her. I just wanted to show an overview.

I was abused. I wrote a book about it called “Abused…It Is What It Is”. Only because it’s DONE and there is no going back to change what happened to me THEN! But I can change the here and now, for me and me alone. I can’t change it for you, I can only tell you what I went through and how I’m now doing.

Many people are afraid of reporting abuse, or what they think of as abuse. Some may think “it’s none of my business” or “I don’t want to get involved”. But what of the safety of that person, whether child or adult? Shouldn’t they be safe? Shouldn’t they KNOW they have choices to leave or stay?

Let me tell YOU something…
YOU ARE WRONG! It IS your business and YOU should get involved! Why? Because the person being abused may marry someone close to you and bring with them scars or worse yet, the abuse itself.

Know what to look for in abuse. Be on the lookout at the person’s behavior. Their demeanor in public.

Look up your local county’s abuse hotlines, shelters, donation centers and MORE. The reason? Because one day you may need to KNOW! You may pass it on to someone, give them knowledge they didn’t know, make them realize they HAVE a choice and that there is help out there and that they aren’t ALONE!

Many abused victims feel they are alone, that no one would understand. They are partly right. A lot of people who have NEVER been abused, would or could not understand what it’s like for victims to stay in an abusive relationship.

We, victims, are low in our self-esteem, have no one to turn to or talk to due to the fact that our partner kept us from our family or friends or worse, LIED to them about us or even lied to US about THEM!

It’s hard to realize that abuse happens in many forms, many places, even in public. Do you know that many people YELL at their victims, even in public and the public doesn’t even bat an eye? We are so used to the YELLING/CURSING that we ignore it or say “IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS”! But IT IS!

If we don’t do anything to stop the abuse how will our children be able to handle the victims when they marry them? How will they know they need help or love or understanding? If we don’t stop it, who will?

Won’t you please do something about it? STOP ABUSE! Donate your time, your stuff, buy items for the shelters to help the victims. If you’re an attorney, an advocate, or a counselor, give your time for free! Everyone needs a helping hand sometime. Won’t you help? Won’t you stop abuse?

Please contact your local county abuse shelters, hotlines, sheriff’s office. Be ALERT! Be AWARE! STOP ABUSE!

24-hour telephone services at 1-800-799-7233.

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