Poems by Lou-Ellen

Approved (credit card–2001)


Sitting at my desk
Looking at the sun
Wishing I was out there
Having so much fun.

Instead, I’m stuck inside
With loads of work to do
taking frequent mental breaks
Feeling ever so blue.

Sun shining behind me
I slowly get back to the grind
Wondering where I should start
I’m in a trance-like state of mind.

Typing and talking
With some listening too
The sky’s the limit
Until they talk to you.

You tell them of their app
Congratulations! It’s a $300 line
They spit and they sputter
Then they complain and whine.

“What!? Are you sure
That, that is all I get
Other companies gave me more
Are you sure yours’ is legit?”

You give them the spiel
That’s what we do
You go to explain more….
Then they hang up on you!

So, I’m sitting at my desk
Looking out at the sun
Oh how I was wishing I was out there
I’d be having loads of fun!

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