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Damaged Shell of a Broken Man.

In front of you Lord, here I stand
With open arms and dirty hands
I pray for peace within my soul
Surround me God, please make me whole.
I come before you, just as I am
The damaged shell of a broken man.
Lord, without you I cannot see
Blinded by this world around me
Please Father remove these shackles so I can live
Give me the strength so I too can forgive
Sinner’s mouth with words that cut so deep
Climbing this mountain, it feels so steep
A shattered hourglass that lost its sand
The damaged shell of a broken man
Lord have your way with me, show me your plan
I need your guidance, please Father, take my hand.
Like a young child, you lead me
With your love, I’ll be free
In front of you, Lord, here I stand
Just a damaged shell of a broken man
Just as I am…. Amen….

By Steven Potter

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