Poems by Lou-Ellen

Depression with an attitude

I was feeling down
I was feeling blue
I kept hearing those words
Those words that were from you.

I haven’t seen you in many years
Yet your words are with me now and again
I feel like an errant child
Who has been told she has sinned.

I try to push you from my head
I try to forget all that you’ve said
Time after time I hear you
Say those words that aren’t true.

You’ve been dead almost 30 years
Yet your words are still alive
The damage you have done to me
Almost makes me wonder how I survive.

You can no longer hurt me
This I know is true
I must live on and try to forget
Even though your words were often cruel.

Fighting the anger, hurt and resentment
You caused me many years of pain
Hearing you now in my head
I have nothing to gain.

So FIGHT I must do
To rid myself of you
To live, love, laugh
And try to live with the past.

I am better today
Than I was yesterday
I know what I must do
Move past words that aren’t true.

So spare me no mind
Not one ounce do I need
I am going to give it my all
Even if it makes my fingers bleed!

Writing is what I want to do now
Somewhere, someday, somehow
I will overcome this depression
And move on to making an impression.

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