Poems by Lou-Ellen

Family & Friends

You are very important to me
Or on my friends’ list, here, you wouldn’t be.
So please remember, I’m here for you
Please believe this to be true
Whether you’re happy or sad; I’ll be your friend
I’ll be here for you, to til the happy or bitter end.

Of course, I’d prefer happy endings myself, I do
Through anything life throws, I’ll help you through
But if for some reason I’m not around
Please look above not to the ground
Just because I might be in the ground someday
Does not mean it is where I’ll stay.

I will be here everyday
Sitting on the sidelines watching you play
One day you’ll have need of me again
And when you do, you’ll remember me, your friend.
No regrets I beg of you
Just live your life honestly and true.

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I am the light to brighten the way. Come on in and let's talk any day. I'm here to lend a shoulder or an ear. One can always leave me messages on here.
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