Gastric Bypass–Skin removal

People have been asking me why I had skin removed. Well, let me tell you from the beginning.

Over eight years ago, I went to my Dr for my regular check-up and he told me that I wouldn’t live past 45 if I didn’t loose weight NOW. I was at my highest of 385 pounds and I was 5 ft 8 inches tall. I was on 2 high blood pressure medications and I still had high blood pressure. I could barely walk a few feet without being out of breath, AND I had sleep apnea and had the CPAP machine.

I told him that I tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and many other forms of weight loss programs only to feel discouraged and ended up quitting and gaining all the weight I lost back PLUS MORE!   He then told me about the gastric bypass surgery. I told him to sign me up!

I went home and told my husband. He was upset as I had just trusted the Dr and not done any research for myself. I told him what the Dr told me and he said he understood that I didn’t want to die but that he would do the research for us both. I said fine.

He came back an hour or so later to inform me of the high rate of divorce that this type of surgery cost. I had to laugh. You see, my husband doesn’t like Dr’s much less being put under–but that is his story to tell… Anyway…. I told him that since he was the only one to put up with my shit, my issues, my children and to adopt them and love us all anyway, that there was NO chance in HELL that I’d divorce him. I told him that he was stuck with me. He hugged me and said OK then. When do we start this?

Yes, my husband joined me, he was about 350 himself at 6 ft 1 inch. I ended up having the gastric bypass surgery in June of 2010. My husband ended up having the lap band in Sept of 2010. He lost more than I did. But I’m ok with that! I ended up with a LOT of extra skin, he did not. I was NOT ok with that! lol.

My insurance said if I had a medical necessity to have the skin removed, they would do so but that I had to have my Dr document each issue. I informed my (new) Dr of this, she said no, they don’t do that. I was depressed. I hated my body. I felt that I should have just stayed fat as that way at least my skin wouldn’t flap around when I moved!

Just this past Feb (2018) a co-worker referred me to a specialist who deals in removing skin after this type of surgery. I called and couldn’t get in until April. UGH! OK OK OK. Patience is not my strong suit! lol.

The first time he met me, saw me in all my naked glory (YUCK!) he said that I fit the criteria and he would submit the pictures to my medical insurance company. He thought they’d be able to approve both my stomach and thighs as I had a major rash (that has been going on and off for eight years).

within 4 weeks the insurance approved both, YAY! and I was scheduling my surgery to have the skin removed.

I had my skin removed on Aug 14, 2018 and let me tell you, I’d do it all again! I had a few minor set backs, but nothing and I mean NOTHING would have stopped me from doing it again. I now have a flat stomach and smaller thighs. They still hurt as this is just the very beg of Nov 2018 but I’m very, very happy with the results. So is the Dr who did it. OH and the best part is…. I asked the anesthesiologist to take pictures of them cutting me open and HE DID! It’s gruesome, it’s gross, yet it’s amazingly…GONE!

My husband was great during my time of need. He made sure I had everything I needed, even slept in his recliner chair to help me up and down during the night when I had to use the bathroom or to get me drinks and keep me on schedule for my medication. He is the absolute best husband!

So, here ya go. I am very grateful to have had the insurance pay for this and to give me back the body I deserve! lol. I am looking into getting more work done, my flappy arms or my 2nd wave as I call it and get my boobs lifted back to where they belong! I will be checking to see what the cost will be for that as well as the healing time needed.

I may look like Frankenstein but those scars will fade. I’m very happy that clothes fit much better than before and of course I really enjoy sitting and looking at a lap and not extra skin!!! lol

So, here it all is. I hope I have answered your questions, if not, ask away.

Live, Love, Laugh.

Love, Lou-Ellen

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