Golden Rule

Like many of us, I was taught the golden rule as a child: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.

And when at work,  what it really comes down to is as simple as.. professional courtesy.  Do unto your co-workers as you would have them do unto you.  But stop and ask yourself,  “how often does that happen in the office?”.

I’d like to share a true incident that took place where I work. I don’t like how people, myself included,  were treated but I don’t always treat others how they treat me either. I’m still polite, maybe a little cold, but at least I’m polite–or my daddy would whoop me!

I was on the morale committee,  part of my duties were to post motivational posters. You know, the kind that make you smile and feel good.   In this instance I used my own pretty bright and obnoxious paper, used my own personal computer and ink, in other words…. my own time.  Then I’d come early to work–again my own time, and post them around the whole floor.

Our morale committee manager asked to speak to me privately. My first thought was PRINCIPALS OFFICE!  Yes I was nervous. She informed me that someone had come to her with concerns that their perception was one of me NOT working.  That I was spending too much time making these signs and hanging them up.

Now let me stop you here for a moment while I say…. WHAT???!!!! She KNEW how/when/where I was doing this.  Ok, continue….

She then told me that their perception is reality. She asked me to keep it on the low for now.

Needless to say I was upset. She never once defended me, never told the other person to mind their own business nor told theme she knew how/when/where I was doing these. She never said a word! Yet it’s my fault they think this way?

So, this person,  who will remain nameless,  assumes I’m using company time, ink, etc to create these posters all because the morale committee manager wouldn’t say anything.

You may be wondering how I handle this person, well, I just ignore the person until I can’t.  Then I only discuss business with them in a professional manner.

See, I’m still scared of my daddy’s hand!


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