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I had been talking to some people today who have are not happy. Whether with themselves—weight wise, at work, or a relationship; whatever their reason, they are not happy. I’d like to discuss with you today a few steps that you can do to change that.

You see, no one can make you happy. Only YOU can make YOU happy. In order to do that you must realize that you can NOT change people or their actions/words. You CAN change how you react to them or how it makes you feel. You have the power! So embrace your power! Take charge of YOU!

No other person should have the power to control your happiness. Do NOT give your power away. Share you happiness with your significant other but don’t give your power away.

Ok, are you ready to start? Only you can do the work, I can only help by encouraging you. If you want to change, you can do it. BUT you have to put the effort into it. It’s not easy and you may have to repeat these for all your life. I know I am.

Oh and as a disclaimer, this is not a fix all or a cure for all. Patience, time, and work are required.

Step 1: Day 1: I want you to write down, yes on an actual paper with a pen or pencil, write down all the things that upset you, make you angry or just downright pisses you off! (then put it away and walk away.)

Do this on day one! There may be things that come later, so have your pen/pencil and paper handy.  I want you to read them over and over. Adding to it or taking some off as you see fit. This is about your feelings, not mine, not anyone else’s.

Still on day one.. go for a walk, read a book, visit with family/friends, go to lunch/dinner, listen to your favorite music or watch a good movie (preferably one that won’t piss you off more!) lol.

Step 2: Day 2: I want you to get a clean sheet of paper and write down all the things that make you smile, make you happy, brings you joy. Same as day one, take all day, there may be things that you forget so keep your paper and pen/pencil handy to capture your beautiful day! (then put it away and walk away.)

Still on Day 2, do or say something nice to someone. Give others a compliment, a heartfelt one! Make someone else smile if they don’t look happy.

Step 3: Day 3:  I want you to take the 1st sheet of paper that has all the negative on it and circle all the things YOU CAN CHANGE!  If you can change it, then put it on a separate sheet of paper. If you can’t change it then put a big X across it.

Then I want you to crumble up that sheet and throw it away. Make a HUGE production out of it; after all you are throwing away the negative to keep the positive feelings glowing! I said glowing not going, because I want you to glow with happiness when we are done!

If you are still feeling down, unhappy, pissed off at the world, let me know and I’ll give you more steps to work on.

You see, I can’t change you any more than you can change me. I can change how someone who says something hurtful to me makes me feel, but I can’t change them or how they act or talk. Neither can you. You can CHANGE YOU, ONLY!

Are you willing to give it a try?  Keep me posted on your progress. There are more steps but I’m not willing to stay online ALL WEEK LONG just to give them to you. Work honey! Work for yourself! You are a work in progress! We all are! I know I AM! Just ask my husband!!! Lol.

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