Have you ever felt so hungry you couldn’t see straight? I have and I found the perfect spot!

Have you ever felt so hungry you couldn’t see straight? I have and I found the perfect spot!

Well, I can tell you about my favorite restaurant that I dearly love. However, there are a few minor flaws to this restaurant.

  • It’s tiny. It’s so tiny that there are only 4 tables, 3 booths and 7 stools at the counter –it’s so quaint with a feel that one just wants to stay and talk all day. Pretty much like my grandmothers kitchen.
  • It’s only open until 2 in the afternoon so they only serve breakfast and lunch- it’s ok, I have to go home sometime!
  • it fills up quickly!–food and company is so good you need to get there early!
  • They only serve coca-cola products–no alcohol–and tons of coffee refills!
  • no table cloths–but really, who needs them?

This building has been in the urban district since about the 1940’s. It has gone through 3 owners, the last one having it for the last 16 years.

You are probably wondering about the food, huh? Well let me tell you! I am the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet (and it drives my husband nuts!). I like a really good steak and eggs for breakfast. I was raised on it from my dad. This place is the only place I have found, in the town I live in,  that cooks my steak medium rare to PERFECTION! That’s right, PERFECTION!  And the best part is… I don’t need any cover up sauces on it.  Not even the amazing A-1 sauce! It is perfect the way he makes it for me at this restaurant! It’s so tender, so delicious…. (I’m starting to drool on myself, excuse me while I get a napkin and wipe myself, lol)

  • prices are  good and the size is enough to give me two meals!
  • my husband says the coffee is great (I don’t drink coffee) -have I mentioned they keep his filled?
  • They allow me to bring in my own Pepsi to drink
  • Very friendly–and she knows how to handle my sarcastic husband!
  • a tiny, down to earth, home-made meals diner, that makes you feel at home
  • After going for a few times and you order the same, like me, she KNOWS what I want and how I want them, without even asking me!
  • And for my husband, COFFEE with no cream! She remembers!

The Ritz Diner is the best place, in my stomach-err, I mean eyes! If you want to go you’d best get there shortly after they open, or just before, to get a good seat!

Very welcoming, family friendly and when she really gets to know you–she can handle herself! My husband and I are very sarcastic people and she KNOWS how to give it back, lately she’s been starting it! I love it! I love the family feel, the no pressure, the relaxed atmosphere–even if it is decorated out of the what 60’s or 70’s era where there is nothing but coca-cola decor. (Smiling)

If you are ever in Salem, Oregon. I STRONGLY recommend The Ritz Diner! Look them up! Come on in!

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I am a newbie so I really have no experience, but my opinion may give you a “customers” point of view. First of all it sounds great, very compelling, we travel so I maybe just have to put this diner on my list. The only wording I would change or remove is the first bullet. The prices are pretty good “for the dishes they serve up” sort of sounds like they don’t serve too many dishes. I don’t quite like that part of the sentence. Other than that I love it, again I am a newbie with no experience, just… Read more »