Domestic Violence

Have you read my book. …Abused….It Is What It Is?

If you have read my book, I’d greatly appreciate feedback, testimonials and/or comments. Id love to hear from you so please let me know. Afterall, if I need to change anything, I wouldn’t be able to without your help.


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Kathy Blaine
Kathy Blaine

Hi Lou, I read your book Abused….It is What it is. Here are my comments: I found Lou’s book easy to read and to follow. I enjoyed her writing style which made me feel as if she was talking to me. Like a conversation. I have two sister-in-laws (not related to each other) who were raped/sexually assaulted by their own fathers. The one sister-in-law was my former husband’s sister. I spent a lot of “alone time” with her, and she never told me what her father was doing to her. He even assaulted her friends, her brothers, their sleep over… Read more »