Have You thought you “end” years?

Have you thought about your “end” years?

What will become of you?

Who will take care of you when you no longer can take care of yourself?


Many times I think of this myself? I know I have children, but should they take care of me? No. At least I don’t think so. Why should they stop living their life for me?

But what happens if you end up in a nursing home? What kind of care will you get?

Do you know that 1 “ONE” CNA has between 8-12 people they have to care for per shift?

I use to be a CNA, many, many years ago. It is hard work. But I loved it! I enjoyed taking care of them. I mean let’s face it, they LIVED through many changes. From having horses to vehicles to no electricity to electricity, from the old typewriter to computers. So many changes. They could teach us a lot.

But do we listen? Do we stop and talk to our elders? Listen to what they have to say? Maybe volunteer to hear someone talk about before.

Everyone needs someone to listen. I plan on finding the right place for me to volunteer at to listen to someone who has no one. They need us too.

Can  you find it in you to listen to them? Treat them like they are still alive?

To all the CNA’s, Nurses, caregivers out there… To you I say THANK YOU! Without you, where would the disabled and elderly be? I hope you are giving them your best, everyday. Even when it’s so hard for you to do so. They depend on you. Again, THANK YOU!


What/How do you want to live, in your “end” years?

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