Head banging on steering wheel

During rush hour traffic we come to a hill. Mind you, I drive a stick shift jeep. On this hill it’s at a stand still. Trying to NOT hit the car on my BUMPER (A@@) I slowly creep up only to find that a car has died on this hill. Everyone is trying to get out of our lane to pass it leaving them to fend for themselves.

My husband and I look at each other and I’m trying hard to find our four ways. lol. My husband reaches over, feels the steering column, finds it and turns them on. He gets out of our jeep to go to talk to the occupants of the car ahead of us.

Now I should explain… we were just coming home from work. My husband is a maintenance man so he does a LOT of PHYSICAL jobs at his work and all he wants is to come home, feed his chickens and rest. So, having a car dead in front of us is NOT what we were wanting to have anything to do with.

But my husband and I are honorable, helpful people. (Sometimes! lol) So he gets out, talks to them, and starts pushing the car up the hill. It is running but barely moving. So he pushes it up the hill with me following behind with my four ways on.

I felt bad for my husband, the women too, but more my husband as he worked very hard all day only to push someone’s vehicle up a hill. poor man. They get their car up the hill, going down is so much faster, then we come to a crawl again. They waved to show thanks.

I know what it’s like to be a female stuck in traffic with a dead car and NOT know what to do. I’m so glad my husband and I stopped. I hope they made it home ok.

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