Poems by Lou-Ellen

Help End DV

I have thought and thought
About what I should do
And I’ve come to the conclusion
That I should help you, you, and you.

It’s time we put a voice
To the unknown, unwelcome choice
Whether it be your next door neighbor or friend
It’s time we bring domestic violence to an end.

So stop the train, hold the press
We need to pitch in and stop this mess
It’s time to protect the innocent
To open our eyes to the incident.

So open your eyes and see
All the damage it’s doing to you and me
Time to shout it all over town
That we aren’t taking this laying down!

Domestic violence needs to cease
Or else we call the protective police
How have they managed to avoid detection?
Our friends and families they need our protection!

So please open your eyes, heart, and ears
Love one another unconditionally through the years
Give of yourself to someone who has none
Share of yourself to many or just one.

Call your local county to help one another
It could happen to your son, daughter, sister or brother
We all need help from time to time
Won’t you choose to help end this crime?

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