I messed up, I tried. I screamed, I cried!

I messed up. I did something I probably shouldn’t! I tried. I screamed, I hollered, I cried!

I wanted my website to be found atwww.louellensliterature.com and not atwww.louellensliterature.com/lousblog. I tried to make it easier, not harder for people to find me. But I messed up. I am NOT by any means a computer geek, or website designer or anything of the kind.

I know how to type, I know how to create things in word, excel and I know my email. But when it comes to websites, I’m a total looser! And that’s not LOUser either!

I had someone help me get it back up, but it’s still not right. I need to do a few more things here and there but, I learned something.

I learned:

  • To NOT rush into website stuff I don’t know anything about
  • Do research before changing or updating my website
  • Have a BACKUP ready!

For me it really helped KNOWING a smart web maintenance gal to help out at the very last minute. It took us almost 2 hours but she was great and tried her darnedest to keep me calm. I’m not calm when I mess up!

If you ever need Maintenance help, contact Evil Genuis, Rose is DAMN GOOD!


Thank you Rose!

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Rose F

You’re welcome!!