My Book is out!

On Amazon.com you can find my book called “Abuse…It Is What It Is”. By Lou-Ellen Bissell

I’m hoping that by getting my book out there, that people will know they aren’t alone, they don’t have to face this alone, that there is help out there. Write me, email me, I’ll respond. I may not have all the answers, but I have shoulders and ears.

My dream is to open a huge “safe house” to any abused person who wants to change. I will, hopefully, have volunteer counselors and attorneys to help out along the way. You can’t do it alone. I’m here. I’m sure there are others out there too, just ask. TALK ABOUT IT!

Thank you,



P.S. You can find this book at….. amazon.com title again is “Abused…It Is What It Is”


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I am the light to brighten the way. Come on in and let's talk any day. I'm here to lend a shoulder or an ear. One can always leave me messages on here.
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