Domestic Violence, Poems by Lou-Ellen

My Declaration

I am the light to brighten the way
I am open and empathic everyday
I’m passionate to help inspire and motivate you
Hoping your creative side comes out too.
If you find a dark place, I’ll be your light
Ask and by your side, I’ll help you fight!
Guiding you, challenging you to run
Daring you to turn it into fun.
Having happiness, honesty, and an imagination
To discover clarity, growth, and inspiration.
With care, comfort, and improvement
I offer abundance, affection, and encouragement.
It’s my commitment to provide all these with energy
Creating joy and magic to find your true authenticity!

About Lou

I am the light to brighten the way. Come on in and let's talk any day. I'm here to lend a shoulder or an ear. One can always leave me messages on here.
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