My Heart Sank…. LIBERTY IS FREE!


This is Liberty. Liberty is a Brittney/Springer mix. She is the smallest of the litter. I bought her just a month after she was born. She chose me. It’s been love from day one. With the help of my husband and daughter, we trained her to do the normal: sit, stay (which doesn’t always work), high-five, lay down; the simple things. She is my baby girl. She’s a little over a year old now and is spoiled rotten, or so my husband says. Of course, I say she’s just well loved.

sageThis is Sage.  Sage is a pure black Lab. She is 2 years old as of April. They play well together. Running around like kids, stealing each other’s toys that leads to chases. sleeping in their own beds, until we are asleep and we wake up to them holding our feet down! But it’s great! They both love going for rides in the vehicles, the windows down and blowing through their ears. They love it!

I have never had a problem with them staying in the vehicles, until today.

Today I was driving home from my mother-in-law’s with all the windows down when all of a sudden I see a white and brown blur in my side view mirror going out the back window!!! This was Liberty saying I’M FREE! (probably)

I quickly pulled over, put it in park, and jumped out RUNNING after her. Now, those that know me, knows I am not a runner and I sure the hell ain’t in shape to run either! For those that don’t know me, this is me.


I’m not in the best of shape but running is definitely OUT! But I was outta that truck so fast, fear in my heart, running as fast as my feet would carry this out of shape woman! A truck and a car stopped just behind us and the car behind the truck opened his door and Liberty jumped in! They were nice people who helped save my dog from God knows what! THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPED SAVE MY LIBERTY!

I carried her back to the truck all the while saying bad dog, good dog, mommy loves you, you damn bad dog, how could you do that to me? Why would you jump out of a truck?

She has never done that before. NEVER! Did she learn her lesson? NO. She is a Brittney dog who has NO FEAR!

Did I learn my lesson? YES! The windows will NOT be done too far again!

My heart sank, Liberty was free and I just about died!

Now that the stress is over and we are all home, safe and sound. I’m tired! I’m worn out! This little adventure was more than this mommy can take!

PHEW! Bye for now all. Be safe. Keep your children (even the 4 legged kids) safe!

Love to one and all. Lou-Ellen

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