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Pain & A Loaded Gun

Lost…Broken…Feeling unwanted
Feeling so empty…my soul…haunted
Pain so real…so awful
Contemplation of give up or keep going
A quick squeeze of the trigger…life flashes by
Is it work it… Is it a lie…
Move on… OR DIE…
Tempting death, loaded gun tight in my hand
Is it written in the stars…or in the sand
Face to face with the man in the mirror…As tears run
Face this life, or…turn and run
Reality so real when you’re stuck…
Pain and a loaded gun…
Safety off…
No more pain…Empty gun..
Pain and a loaded gun…
by: Steven Potter…

This was based on a time in my life when I was beyond lost from God’s herd… God’s amazing Grace and Mercy saved me from myself when I was trapped in the Devil’s trap. God is a good, good Father. I ain’t ever going back to the way, without HIM!
–Steven Potter

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