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As I sit here watching my 18 month old grandson watch a YouTube show called “Blippi” it dawns on me that this is more than a kids show! This particular one is teaching kids to be safe when doing yard work; mowing, leaf blowing, etc.
To me, it’s VERY ANNOYING! But, to my very innocent grandson, it’s entertaining. As I sit here watching it, I am intrigued that it’s educational. “Blippi” is teaching how to check the oil, put gas in it, and so much more. How many children have parents that teach them to do things like this for themselves? How many children are taught self-care? I know I wasn’t!

Proverbs 4:6 says “Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you.”

It made me reflect on myself, you and you too. You see, I wasn’t taught how to mow the lawn, much less how to check the oil. How many of us learned things the easy way; by having someone teach us?

I had to learn things the hard way, by myself. I didn’t have my dad around to show me things. When I would visit, at age 14 and 15; I tried to work on cars with him and I did learn one important fact…. NEVER UNPLUG THE OIL PAN UNTIL YOU HAVE A PAN UNDER IT AND NOT YOURSELF!! Needless to say, I was covered. He laughed at me. I felt humiliated. I never told him that and I never will as he doesn’t know about all that went on as a kid.
SOOOO I didn’t help much after that. I never told him that I wasn’t taught the basic car stuff. Every time someone would laugh at me it felt like they were making fun of me. I know I’m not the smartest person around, I’ve been told enough; however, I to have been made fun of by the one person who never laid a hand on me, it was hard.

My grandson will grow up without a dad in his life. It’s sad. Truly sad. Not because his dad is a good man, he isn’t, however, it just means that my husband will have to step up and be the “man” for him to follow and learn from. But for now, my little grandson is watching a tv show called “Blippi” and he seems to love it.

What about you? What have you learned from your dad or mom; that is good?

What about now? Have you learned Self-Care? Have you learned to Value Yourself? Have you learned to forgive, not because they deserve it but because YOU DO?

In my book “Tiny Steps To Success Step 1 Self-Care” I told about after I left my husband (ex now) that I had to learn how to cook, clean and take care of ME and my CHILDREN! I talk about a few important ways to take care of yourself but I forgot to put in there to see a DOCTOR regularly!

In my second book “Tiny Steps To Success Step 2 Value Yourself” I talk about how important it is to love yourself as God loves you. I talk about how I use affirmations and other ways for me to value myself. I tell of ways… well, you can read them for yourself… lol.. on Amazon. Type in the title or my full name as Lou-Ellen Bissell.

But the important thing is that we must take care of ourselves and if we haven’t been taught, how does one learn things?

In my grandson’s case it’s through “Blippi”. Tell me about your “safety first” on taking care of you. I hope you share it with me.

God Loves you and so do I.

Love, Lou-Ellen

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