some songs of my heart

You know, Bruno Mars hits the nail right on the head when he sings about Just the way you are. He sings about how her hair falls so perfectly without her even trying, how beautiful she is and how he wouldn’t change a thing ‘cause you’re amazing just the way you are.

Then we have OneRepublic swearing he lived, that he did it all, owning every second that this world could give. Hoping you spend your days, that they all add up and when the sun goes down you raise your cup, wishing that they could witness all your joy and pain saying I did it all.
We have many songs out there that just touch our hearts, souls, and minds. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I would love to have Bruno tell me how beautiful I am and how amazing I am on a daily basis. Ok, I know it’s a stretch, but hey, one can dream, can’t I?

I also like Coldplay and how they sing “Yellow”. I like looking at the stars, but would they really shine just for me? Probably not, but that’s what he sings. In his song he states “you know I love you so”, really? No, I didn’t know, but man, it’s a beautiful tune, song, words. He tells how he’s swim across for you. He drew a line for you, your skin and bones something beautiful, he’d bleed himself dry for you. Love the verbiage. How I wish the stars did shine just for me, but I’m not that crazy.. OK maybe a little crazy. But listening to this and staring at the night stars, just gives me goosebumps!

Imagine Dragons sings about IT’S TIME. He never wants to let you down or leave this town. How great is that? Let me tell you though, I really, honestly and truly love their song DEMONS. It just speaks to me.

Demons is almost like the abuse I lived through and how the beast inside had nowhere to hide. Demons hide- my abuse was hidden for so many years- don’t get too close it’s dark inside —I was afraid if anyone got to close that they’d see my shame, the abuse I lived through and I felt I had to do face it alone. This song really speaks to me. I feel the pain, the shame and I wonder if it comes through my eyes. How many of us feel this way? I KNOW I’m not alone in that. But I just love the song and I remind myself, it’s NOT MY SHAME, NOT MY FAULT, and I move with the music and let it go, for now.
Then I remember the song from Rachel Platten and how she sings about her fight song. Damn Straight! I AM STRONG! I survived the sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, domestic and mental abuse. She sings how this is my fight song, take back my life song, prove I’m alright song. She sings about turning her power back on and she doesn’t care who believes her because she has fight left in her. Well, by damn! SO DO I! I have a lot of fight left in me too. Sing it honey! Tell us all about it! Because I’m on your side, Rachel. Sing for those of us who have been abused and are coming into our own again! I love how she stands up for herself, for all of us, and sings her heart out that this is her fight song! FIGHT!

Yes you too should FIGHT! You are WORTHY! You are LOVED! FIGHT! Fight for you when no one else can or will. Don’t let anyone get you down, without getting right back up!

Now this is by no means done! But I’ll stop here for one with one more food for thought. You see, I’m not a rapper by choice, I really don’t like it. However, there is one song that I will always listen to, always play because it’s absolute WONDERFUL! It has more to do with bullies but it fits for abused people too. The Chorus goes something like this: I’M BEAUTIFUL. I’M WORTHY. AND THOSE MEAN WORDS CAN’T HURT ME. I’M PRICELESS. I’M SMART. I LOVE MYSELF AND I’M FOCUSED ON MY HEALTH.

Live. Love. Laugh.


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