Domestic Violence

Trying to Survive

This picture was taken just 3 days ago. please ignore me and my gargoyle as I want to talk about the fern thingy behind us.

My husband and I bought this place four years ago this Oct. I hated the look of this bush from day 1!!! My husband promised we’d pull them out. You don’t see the one on the other side. ANYWHO!! lol. We had the gargoyles for about 8 to 10 years before we FINALLY got them up on pillars. YEAH! My protectors! Then yesterday. yes Labor Day, my husband got a burr in his saddle and started cutting the branches off.

What you see here is the beauty (if you like these types of bushes) before he got underneath it all.

Under the beautiful green shrubbery was nothing but dead needles that were dry, brown, and dead! sorry no picture of that. however what truly shocked us was the way the bush formed under the green beauty.

It was all twisted and deformed looking. And I thought…. WOW, my life is pretty much like this poor bush.

With all the abuse I lived through; physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually, financially, verbally, and emotionally… and I’m sure underneath that my exterior was just as bent, jig saw puzzle, mazed, and mis-shaped. My exterior doesn’t show all I went through and survived, anymore than the bush revealed it’s under carriage.

Here’s my husband sawing it down more so we can pick it up easier. These roots were so embedded that I think I got whiplash from stepping on the pedal to pull the roots out! lol. But the end result is what I like most.

No more ugly fern type bush to look at, YEAH!

Just know that we all have hidden scars. We all have tangled emotions and triggers, just like the bush. BUT YOU can still be beautiful on the outside by looking towards the light… like the bush did.

God loves you!


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