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Untitled–kindness poem

The following poem you may use
as a surprise to someone.
Please do not take credit for my poems. 

Everyone deserves someone to
show them kindness
To make them feel special in
their hour of darkness. 
Give someone something to be
Happy about
Keep this a secret, shh don't 
let it get out
Shower someone with kindness 
from you
Pass it on from a secret
Let us keep this going for all   to see
The wonderful smiles that belong to you and me. 
So, become a secret friend to
 someone in need
Put a smile on someone special.  indeed!

This little note is to let you.  know that I care
That I look over and see you
For you to know there is
 someone reaching out to you  
Letting you know I'm here for 
 you too. 
So put a smile on your face
Shine it upon us all within this place.
I just wanted you to know 
That I care about you so.
I will be there for you
To listen and share my shoulder  too.
So put a smile upon your face
Shine it upon us within this

Written by: Lou-Ellen 

I used this poem to give to 
 someone who looked sad, lost, 
 or whatever. I even added a 
 small dollar store gift I 
 thought would make them smile. 
Please use this on family &
  friends.  Heck use it on 
strangers. Pass it along. But 
please don't take credit for my poems, just your thoughtfulness 
to pass it along. Thank you.

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