Vacation vs Home

I went on a week-long vacation and man oh man was it beautiful!!!   I had people waiting on me, cooking for me, and cleaning for me. A girl could get used to that! Ok, ok, so I did, a little! My husband told me not to get used to it as he was not making our bed or cooking or cleaning all by himself! DARN IT! lol

Where did I go? you ask? Well, I went on a cruise in the Rainbow state. That’s right, I went to Hawaii! It was so beautiful! Do you know why it’s called the rainbow state? It’s because it rains (warm rain) every day and the rainbow shines right after it rains. It is so beautiful!

We started out in Honolulu. Stayed there on Veterans day so we went to Pearl Harbor. My husband is a huge history buff. it was a good reminder of what took place many years ago. One should always know the past so that we can learn from it if for no other reason. We saw a short video on what took place and then we went to the memorial. Took tons of pictures. My camera died so I had to use the one on my phone.

My husband’s co-worker had us to go a look-out spot in Honolulu. It is called Pali.  We went there and it started raining, so out in the rain, we went to look out over the ridge. The wind was blowing so hard that other visitors had their umbrellas flip inside out! It was funny to watch and even funnier to hear her yelling at the men, they were Japanese so I didn’t understand what she was saying, but one could guess, as it wasn’t a nice tone! lol

We started our cruise on the Norwegian Ship on a Saturday. We got lei’d going on the ship. I told my husband that this lei was the only type he was getting on this cruise as his mom shared the stateroom with us. There was so much to do just on the ship that I almost didn’t want to visit the islands. We went to Hilo, Kona, Koloa, Kauai. The sights, the sounds, the beauty, the beaches; they are so lovely. Even though it’s November, the time there was as good as my home is in the summer.

My husband kicked my ass, twice, at the HUGE checkerboard on the ship and I kicked his ass in HORSE basketball. Even at my age, I was still able to do a lay-up, properly! I was even impressed with myself! lol

We took a tour of Old Koloa Hawaii, saw where Elvis’ movie blue Hawaii was made and it’s deteriorating. It’s sad.  I wish I had the funds to fix it up; it’d be a great museum and make tons of money. I for one would have LOVED to go on the property itself, but it was unsafe. 🙁

We heard all sorts of stories of each island by one of the Hawaiian Ambassador’s -Kaulana- He was great talking about the islands. I could listen to his stories all day long!  He also held dance classes and how to make Lei’s. I made a Kukui Nut Lei, a flower lei (which died so I threw it away, but I took pictures) and a ribbon lei. He is also on you-tube showing how to do a 4 and 6 ribbon lei. I will definitely have to watch it! lol

We bought  T-shirts there, candy (and yes it’s about gone!) and a few other things here and there.

Coming home was a letdown. I was so enjoying myself. I know I shouldn’t have maxed out 2 credit cards to do this, I know I should have waited, but I’m afraid that if I had waited, I never would have gone. I just don’t want to live to work. I wanted a little adventure. Now that I have, oh hum, I’m home and now I must face reality…. the daily Monday through Friday work weeks. 🙁 so sad.

It is cold here at home. I do wish we could have brought the good weather from Hawaii with us, but that is not to be. maybe someday, after our bills are paid, we can do a different trip.

Well, that wraps it up for me. I’m home this last week getting ready for Thanksgiving at our place. ALL my grandchildren will be here, first time ever, for this holiday.

May everyone have a very thankful Thanksgiving. A happy, healthy and yes fattening, time of it too!

Until we meet again, or should I say, until I write again; take care one and all.

Much Love,


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