Poems by Lou-Ellen

Went for a walk

Went for a walk, just the other night
Not a person or animal in sight.
Thinking about my past, future, and present
Wondering which one I should resent.
My past is too long for me to tell
I lived it too close to hell.
My future hasn’t arrived yet
No promises can I set.
My present, all I can say is I’m living it day by day
I can assure you that I do live it more when I pray.
I pray every day for guidance from above
I pray for signs of assurance, maybe even a dove.
I pray for those I don’t know and I say one for you
I pray for my family and the things they say and do.
But mostly I pray for me to not be so sad
I don’t want my kids thinking they were bad.
It isn’t their fault and it never will be
The bad decisions I’ve made affected not only me.
Looking up at the starry night
I finally see a bird take flight.
Soaring high and free
It even looked happy.
The chirping of birds all around
The wind whistling it’s little sound.
The music to my untrained ears
Helps subside my growing fears.
I then realize that God had been listening to me
He sent me a sign of a bird flying high and free.
With a lift in my steps, I head back home
Hugging my children and ignoring my phone.
Life is what we make it, don’t depend on anyone
Spend your time with your kids having loads of fun.
Take time to walk your walk at night
Take time to look around at God’s loving light.


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